Aeroplan Rant #2

Air Canada and Aeroplan sucks

I have been having a series of e-mail conversations with Canadians.
They start thusly:

I hate Air Canada and Aeroplan and I want you to help me get them

Oh, if it were only that easy. I mean, I am just a Canadian writer – and not a very good one at that. This blog relies on the overflow from some of my other more popular projects. You know what they say: If not for the grace of the internet as a whole, the bulk of us want-to-be writers would toil away in obscurity – where, by the way, most of us belong.

And thanks to the creative powers of the Internet, when you type Olympic Rant or Gas Pump Rant or Spotted Owl rant, I am right there near the top of the pack…
Lucky me… Lucky you…

However. Today, the spotted owl came home to roost.
And behind those sinister spotted owl eyes were two very evil Air Canada pilots… and if you looked really closely, those pilots are actually Air Canada and Aeroplan senior executives. Damn them. Damn them straight back to Toronto where they probably live in mindless wealth… somewhere in Forest Hill no doubt… right beside CTV anchorperson Lloyd Robertson (who is a nice guy after all…)

Digression concluded.

Anyhow – up and until several months ago, I had over 60,000 Aeroplan points… Until a few days ago, that is, after 365 days had passed since I had made my last Aeroplan purchase.

And now I have none.

14 years of travel with my wife… back and forth across North America and to Hawaii – well over 100,000 miles… and I have been reduced to this: ZERO POINTS – because I did not fly anywhere in the last 12 months.

Air Canada. Aeroplan. I hate you evil greedy-gut bastards!

On the humorous side of this, my wife wryly offered:
You must have seen this coming… you read your mail don`t you?

She has a point, god bless her.
I suck too.