The cost of War – Iraq during election time

Find the cost of freedom and Peace - the War and ElectionsWith America’s mind on election time, I think, for the most of us (Canadians included) that we are spending more time looking South (and inwards) than to the Middle-East.
But at what cost?
The American media (and government) insists that we are at War.
The reality is – we are not at War at all (since no formal declaration of War has been made in Canada or the U.S.A.)
Yet the American media and government has consistently reminded us that there is a War on – and if we speak against it, we are:
Un-American, Unpatriotic, Un-Canadian, Liberal, supporting the terrorists.

Liberal. As if that is a dirty word now.

But what are the actual costs? Actual costs that touch us as individuals. As Families. As Communities.
Sure, the U.S. has spent 1.2 Trillion dollars on this War effort…
1.2 Trillion would pay for a national health care program. 1.2 Trillion would end child poverty in America. 1.2 Trillion in Cancer research would take us light-years closer to a cure. The same goes for AIDS research. Hey. 1/100th that amount could have rebuilt New Orleans a year ago.
And yet we dump 10 billion dollars a month into this all important war on Terror.
But what are the individual costs?
Ask a parent whose child, son or daughter has gone to War… and not returned. Or returned with pieces missing. With no hope of Peace. No closer to Peace.
Ask a spouse who sleeps fitfully every night wondering… if their loved one will come back – and what they are really fighting for. Ask them.
Now ask those that beat the drumbeat of War; in the media, in the Government, and within the mechanism of the Military-Industrial complex – Ask them:
Have your children gone to War? Chances are, they have not.
Of the most strident voices in American Conservative media today, the broad majority of those personalities have never been enlisted in the Service and have never seen a moments action In Country. Ironic huh?
Ask yourself and your friends and your co-workers; what is the cost?
Do not be afraid of being called a Liberal… or worse.
Our future and the future of our children is at stake. Today. And Tomorrow.