Rites of Spring #18 – New Eye rules – enjoy your macular degeneration sir

My 1985 Ray Ban Wayfarers - new eye doctor rulesThe B.C. Liberal governments new policy that will allow people easier and cheaper access to prescription glasses and contact lenses is a reckless and typically Liberal move that will compromise eye health throughout the province.

As of May 1, 2010, residents between 19 and 65 will be able to replace existing prescriptions without consulting a medical doctor or having a comprehensive eye health exam. And order glasses or contacts online without having to provide a copy of their prescription.

This policy sets British Columbia apart from all other North American jurisdictions.
The most obvious byproduct of this is that serious eye conditions could go undiagnosed as a result… like glaucoma and Macular degeneration

“It is a regression into a third world eye care model,” mused Dr. Antoinette Dumalo, president of the British Columbia Association of Optometrists.

From my perspective (glasses wearer since I was 13), this is typical Gordon Campbell Liberal policy making – looking after business interest first and to heck with regular citizens. Sure, I know a pair of prescription glasses cost, on average, about $400 these days – and that has to impact on the middle class in some way (if there actually is a middle class in this Province anymore)…

That said, I do not expect to fill my optical prescription at the local Radio Shack store (not far off into the future I suspect) or get sound medical diagnostics there either.

Sigh. Just another day…
in Beautiful Business Columbia…

Colin Newell lives and works in Victoria, B.C. Canada despite everything that is wrong in this wild west coast society.