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Bonus Blog Summer Sofa Surfing Sidewalk Styles · 20.08.09 by colin newell

Have been meaning to rant on this for a long while…

It all started with a sofa on the sidewalk.

Which in wet Victoria B.C. Canada comes as something of a surprise.

Discarded stuff. For some reason we live in a city with residents that feel that garbage self-disposes. Hell, we dump raw sewage into the strait of Juan de Fuca so dumping our sofas on the boulevard is not that much of a stretch. I guess they think the rain will flush it away.

But I have been seeing more shite on the sidewalks lately.

  • Old televisions. Big ones at that.
  • Computer monitors. Yep. CRT ones. No surprise here.
  • Microwave ovens. Seeing a trend here?
  • Coffee makers. Say’s it not so.

Lately I have been seeing a veritable Potpourri of detritus (Hey Cheryl!) on our city streets that seem to include…

  • Children’s toys – they grow up so fast.
  • Booster seats – as above
  • Strollers – again, I hope the kids are OK

So. For residents of Victoria B.C Canada, I ask you: What is up with all the sidewalk refuse?

  1. Ack. One of my pet peeves, too. I regularly tell people that if you put all the street detritus (yes, I do know how to spell that word) in the City end to end along Douglas street, it would stretch from Mile Zero to Goldstream at least.

    The reason is easy though: most people are (a) lazy and (b) adverse to paying dumping fees. But mostly lazy.

    Cheryl    Aug 21, 09:04 am    #
  2. On the way to UVic this AM I was surprised to see a Shower stall shell on Henderson! What is up with that? Do people think there are garbage fairies that are whisking this shit away?

    Come on folks. Pick it up!

    Colin Newell    Aug 21, 10:26 am    #
  3. I was inspired to start a Flickr group on the subject; I have called it Street Detritus. I realized I already had several photos that fit the description. Sad.

    Cheryl    Aug 21, 08:37 pm    #
  4. I have a theory, the C****** are secretly dumping old items on streets, so we will buy more cheep crap.

    jeanie    Aug 26, 07:30 pm    #
  5. The C******‘s? The C******‘s? Who are the C******‘s?
    Sounds like something is stuck in my throat… C****** C****** C****** C****** Oh! Excuse me!

    Colin Newell    Aug 27, 06:35 am    #

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