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Rites of Spring #19 Too much coffee plant · 19.05.10 by colin newell

Colin's coffee plant menagerie

I would like to think that I have a green thumb… but I do not really. Right now I am running a bit of a rescue operation for various plants including the ones that I have inherited from my dear Mom-in-law’s estate…

And in the estates case, it is more of a example of – they were in pretty good shape until I got a hold of them!

Photo at left – these were scrawny little plants until I started watering and feeding them. Each plant drinks about 1 liter a day… and they like me to sing to them. click to super-size photo – The guitar is a concert sized acoustic – for the sake of comparison!

I have a variety of cacti, some really odd ones like Mandarin plants (from seeds) that are about 3’ high… and the coffee plants above – that used to be manageable in size. As you can see, not so much anymore.

They are both bearing fruit every year – for what it’s worth. I think I got about 8 to 12 ounces of cherry off of one of them. No I did not process and roast. If anything, I will be planting the seeds and growing more plants for giveaway.

Want a plant? Live in the Victoria area? I could be convinced to grow you a brand new plant. Keep in mind – these beasts can out live you and grow to fill their space… which is your space. So beware!

In the meantime, the kids need watering!

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