Movember in the fast lane – year 12 Movember Captain

12 years. It is easy to dedicate yourself to a cause that you believe in. A cause that has touched you and your friends and your family in so many ways.

Movember has been here for a while. What is it? It is the month of November dedicated to not shaving and thinking about and talking about the perils of silence and isolation.

Wellness. It comes in many forms. Physical and mental well being. I have not met a single person who has not struggled with one of these. And the difference between not coping and thriving can often come down to a conversation.
I have been having those conversations for over a decade.

And what is fascinating for me is that it was almost 10 years ago that my doctor tapped me on the shoulder to say, “Hey, Colin, maybe we need to have a closer look at this…” I was lucky. Numerous tests, blood work, MRI and an immensely uncomfortable biopsy later… and I was cleared for take off – to return to my normally scheduled life.

In that time, 10 years, several friends have battled cancer all the way to the win column – with bravery and sacrifice. Others, like me, have suffered their share of mental turmoil as crises have come and gone. But what set these experiences apart was having extra arrows in our toolkit – conversation, dialog, resources, support, solidarity. The one thing I preach over and over again is; Do not face any crises alone if you can at all avoid it. Sadness, anxiety, depression and strife love the cold darkness of isolation. Do not try and go it alone. I tell everyone. I am here, 24/7, if you need to talk. If you need a shoulder – even a social distanced shoulder, or a virtual hug.

In most cases, with professional help and guidance and the loyalty and listening skills of friends, most dark periods in our life can be overcome. I always say, the sun will come out again. It is a bit of a platitude, but it is true. For most of us, we have known good times. The good times do come again. It takes work.

Please support the cause. Movember in Canada raises millions of dollars and supports upwards of 1000 different programs.

My Movember Space

A song dedicated to my supporters. Sean McCool and Colin Newell on vocals and guitars.

Sean McCool and Colin perform Hallelujah