Book release – Deerholme Farm Foraging.

The Deerholme Foraging Book

We are pleased to announce the publication of Bill’s new cookbook The Deerholme Foraging Book. It is an exploration of the wild foods of the Pacific Northwest and includes products from the forests, fields and ocean shores of the region. The book brings you into the world of the forager, drawing on 10,000 years of experience that have allowed us to evolve from the foraging society we once all belonged to.

These ancient lessons are modernized to create delicious recipes and allow you to build a knowledge base, create items for the pantry and to capitalize on the delicious and health promoting foods from the wild.

From the back cover:

Open your door to the wild foods of the Pacific Northwest with the Deerholme Foraging Book. In this comprehensive cookbook, award winning writer, chef and experienced forager Bill Jones shares his foraging tips and more than 110 unique and delicious recipes, each featuring a type of wild food. Global in influence, these recipes use simple techniques woven in with expert processes to create good, homemade food.

Learn to identify, source, and preserve local mushrooms, edible plants, sea vegetables, and shellfish. And gain knowledge of the traditional uses for wild foods as well as future possibilities for a healthy diet, while enhancing your appreciation for the natural environment. In The Deerholme Foraaging Book, food lovers will experience the joy of uncovering the bounty of the wild.

Excerpt from the Introduction:

“How can foraging help? First of all foraging is about acquiring and using knowledge. Secondly, it is all about respect. Acquiring this knowledge may empower you to look at your world with a more questioning glance. Who made up the rule that all safe food must be grown in industrial controlled production? When did we decide if you pay nothing for an item it is worthless? Why are we obsessed with controlling nature? You may end up seeing the world as more than black and white—it may be tinged with seaweed green and chanterelle yellow.”

Advance Praise for The Deerholme Foraging Book:

It’s rare to find an expert forager who is also an inspired chef. But from Weed Pie to Smoked Salmon with Honey and Grand Fir, Bill Jones reveals a trove of wild delights with recipes easy enough to whip up at home but that would also dazzle if served at a great restaurant.
—Ron Zimmerman, Proprietor, The Herbfarm Restaurant

I have seldom felt more connected to food, than foraging the Cowichan Valley with Bill. A meal he made ranks as one of my most memorable, foraged food prepared with skill and creativity. This book will inspire you to get off the couch and jump into the forest.
—Rob Clark, Chef/Owner of The Fish Counter

Bill Jones is THE authority on foraging and mushrooms in British Columbia. Deerholme Farm is a mecca for culinarians who love the outdoors and Bill captures the beauty and essence of the Vancouver Island wilderness in his recipes and writing. A must have book for anyone who delves into the wild!
—Eric Pateman, Chef/Owner of Edible Canada

Bill Jones is one of those rare chef-foragers who combines the skills of an excellent chef and teacher with an extensive expertise in the foods of field and forest. This is an exceptional combination and that is why you must add this book to your library.
—Dr. Sinclair Philip, Co-Owner of Sooke Harbour House

About Deerholme Farm

Deerholme Farm is a culinary destination in the Cowichan Valley of Vancouver Island. We offer local food experiences that introduce you to the wild and untamed side of Vancouver Island’s food system.

We are famous for our unique and often spectacular local food events based on seasonal themes and local foraged foods. Our work has been profiled in the New York Times, Bon Appetite, Saveur, Travel and Leisure, Harrowsmith, the Globe and Mail and many prominent publications.

We host guests from all over the world, so be sure to book in advance if you would like to join us for a delightful evening of Cowichan Valley cuisine. We live in one of the more amazing places on the planet, where climate, geography and community come together in a unique and delicious way. Please visit us on the web or through social media. You can contact Bill directly:

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