Life update – Hello from the other side… of a book

No I have not fallen off of the Planet. Still here.

Currently working on a small book for Christmas – and I have a pretty tight deadline…
October 15th. Coming fast.

Doing a small project on profiling the top cafes of Southern Vancouver Island – up to and including Nanaimo… out to Sooke… maybe Tofino.

Here are some of the good coffee people that have made the cut – still room for more.
This, in my opinion, is the coffee winners circle for the lower Island. Take a bow folks…
Not in any order of greatness actually!

1.) Caffé Fantastico – Quadra and Kings, Dockside Green
They ratcheted up the coffee scene in Victoria to new levels and they are holding their own…

2.) Habit Coffee and Culture – Pandora Ave, Blanshard at The Atrium
One man thought this up – name of Shane – he had a singular vision and brought it to life. We thank you every day.

3.) Discovery Coffee – Discovery Street, Oak Bay Avenue and Menzies Street
Great coffee. Great whole bean. Great people. Coffee excitement and education by the barrel full.

4.) Bubby Roses Bakery & Café – Cook Street
Bakers go back way further that cafes – add great coffee to a great cafe. You are in heaven… right here in Victoria.

5.) Cornerstone Café – Fernwood and Gladstone Ave.
Funky neighborhood – funky cafe. More to say…

6.) Spiced Water – 727 Courtney Street
Their are new and bold – featured coffee roasters – mixed methods and doughnuts!

7.) 2% Jazz at the Hudson
Sure, they are at the Times-Colonist but this joint rocks the Douglas and Fisgard hood big time – and on site roasting.

8.) Bean around the World – Fisgard Street
Why not have a great cafe in the heart of China Town? and they do good cafe food too.

9.) Mirage – Blanshard Street, Yates Street and Government Street
They roast, they serve and they have lots of coffee home prep schwag!

10.) Café Artigiano – at the Bedford on Government
A Vancouver super-power in a modest sized cafe in Victoria.

11.) Fernwood Coffee at The Parsonage
The boys and girls of Fernwood coffee took a previously hum-drum cafe and brought it big time.

12.) Yoka Coffee Roasters on Mason Street
They were legend in Vancouver… and now they are old school legend here in Victoria!

13.) Broken Paddle Café – Happy Valley Road, Metchosin
Quirky fun in the middle of no where!

14.) Sooke – Stick in the Mud Café – Eustace Rd.
Owned by a rock star – serving rock star worthy coffee… for everyone!

15.)Cobble Hill – Drumroaster Coffee Cowichan Bay Road
Best of the best – more reliable than gravity.

16.) Gulf Islands Coffee Roasters – High Street, Ladysmith
Started as a modified hair dryer roasting coffee – and now BIGGER!

17.) Mon Petit Choux – Commercial St. Nanaimo
Drumroaster coffee and amazing baked stuff!