The World of Mysterious Chinese Coffee Culture: Part 1

There’s coffee, and there’s MARXISM Coffee Mix from China. To cover all bases or in case only atheists would be attracted to it, the product claims also to be God’s favored coffee! So once you get to the Pearly Gates, don’t be astonished to see some angels rushing to meetings clutching cups of MARXISM brew. The Allmighty’s hand appears encouraging from an UFO like reflective disc hurling from the heavens and gives us a thumbs up. Please also note the bag handle which encourages you to proudly carry this masterpiece of caffeinated-contemporary-communist-capitalism in the open.

What has this coffee turned into, we can only wonder? The bag clearly states that its content has BEEN coffee at one point. Past tense is also used for the company’s name: They have BEEN coffee masters at one point. But not anymore. Whatever they are now, they are the ones who should tell us what this bag contains currently. 454 g of some stuff which once has been UGANDA AA coffee…

Forget roasted coffee. GREEN COFFEE has slimming properties Brazilian ladies seem to have discovered. Yet proudly Made in the USA, who outsource everything else to China but the secret Yankee Green Coffee production! Unavailable however in North or South America because of unsubstantiated health claims, yet who cares in China about those pesky details. I am glad that the manufacturer also advices the ladies to share: After all, one pack contains no less than 18 tubs of green coffee. Nothing could be easier.