Victoria Spring 2011 – Good bye to the Salmon Kings

Good bye Salmon Kings - thanks for the memoriesHere is how my post read six months ago…

But through a strange twist of hockey club management, my favorite Captain… Wes Goldie, has been replaced with, by the looks of it, a guy who spends more time in the penalty box – than on the ice or on the bench…

Say hello to the new captain of the Victoria Salmon Kings – Pete Vandermeer – third on the all-time American Hockey League penalty minutes list.

“Our barn, Save-on-Foods Memorial will not be a place other teams will want to return to,” threatened Vandermeer…

“Even if the other guys leave with a win, it’s important they leave missing some blood and teeth when limping out of here.”

OK. The Salmon Kings management started to screw up at the beginning of the 2010-2011 Season with the hire of this Vandermeer thug – who only lasted about a half season before he vanished. We gave up Wes Goldie who turned out to be the high scorer for the entire season… for the Alaska Aces.

And now the Kings may leave Victoria – or be dissolved.., and their place taken by a Junior team – of teenagers… the former Chilliwack Bruins… to become the Victoria Bruins… how imaginative.

So get this. People are unhappy in Chilliwack, B.C. and we are unhappy in Victoria B.C. – The owners of the Kings have totally misread their audience and are marching blithely into yet another screw up with these changes.

Yes, it is a business.

But I am a customer. And I am not buying it.