Victoria Spring 2011 – Canada Post why do you hate us so much

Canada Post why do you hate us so?Ordered some parts from in Vancouver a few weeks ago – good people – they have everything and they have an inventory of parts that goes back… way back.

Unfortunately, little more than the envelope above showed up – along with a plastic pouch, barely sealed, and one of the plastic pieces that I ordered.

Surprised? A little.
What angers me are the numbers of calls I have made to Canada Post the last few years for utterly crappy service.

We go to Hawaii every year for a month. We get “Mail hold” – we pay for that. On one occasion only has the mail hold gone even remotely well – generally the mail keeps coming.

Both times I have appealed to Canada Post – asking for my $35 dollars back.

Their reply: “Your postal carrier insists that your mail was held…”
Actually, some of it was – because there was a brick of mail that was held and a shit load of other mail that was not held. Oddly, in the “held mail” was mail destined for neighbors – Can you imagine being a senior waiting on your pension cheque – and they do not get it because it is in my mailbox.

What is wrong with Canada Post anyway? I once considered doing a gig there back when I was a teenager – Christmas overflow or something – visited the depot out in Royal Oak – the atmosphere was so oppressive that I could not imagine working there – so I started my own gardening business that turned out to be hugely successful…

Anyway – Canada Post? What is wrong with you? And how can we fix it?