Winter to Spring Victoria Food Culture 3 Making sauces with Don Genova

Laying out the ingredientsProsciutto and tomato pasta sauce

Heat 8 tablespoons of good Olive oil in a pan

Slice 2 pieces of Prosciutto into bite size pieces (from 100g)
Cut up tablespoon of shallots finely

Homemade pasta servedWhen oil heats add the Prosciutto and stir for 5 minutes
Add shallots
Add teaspoon of chili flakes
Add teaspoon of lemon pepper
Add parsley

Minute before you take out of pan, add 20 grape tomato
cut in half.

Drain pasta preserving around 1 ladle full of pasta water
Combine cooked pasta into the Prosciutto and tomato mixture
add 1/2 cup Parmagiano Reggiano cheese and the pasta water.

Stir to combine.
Plate and top with more grated cheese.
Serve with garlic toast and some yummy Italian Red Wine.