Happy St. Patricks Day 2011 as best you can

Not entirely sure there is any green in this jacket…

Click on the photo at left for the slightly bigger view – Thanks to British Importers for these fine threads – and even though you have changed your name to the egocentric Philip Nyren Clothing you will always be British Importers.

What do you think? Any green in the jacket? No, me neither.

283 years ago, some guy distantly related to me got out of bed in Cork, Ireland – packed his bags, got on a boat and never looked back. He would turn out to be my great, great, great – several more, great grandfather. Irish? Heck yes. Determined to make a better life in North America. Fingers crossed. Apparently things worked out because he found a mate and part of my family tree branched out.

So I celebrate a little green today.

On St. Patrick’s day 2011 – If you would have told me a few days ago that I would be spending all of my time thinking about Japan and the hazards of the nuclear era, I would have questioned your sanity.
Yet here we are.

The word trifecta would not have been in my dialogue a few days ago either – not being a gambling man.

And yet here we are; Earthquake, Tsunami and meltdown.
Loss of life. Loss of home. Loss of confidence.

Nor would I have looked up the meaning of millicieverts and found it rolling around in my brain after determining how many are OK and how many make you sick – and what life must be like for so many people trapped, homeless and no place to go.

These good people need you now – So do what you can folks. Give to the Red Cross. Help out Japan.

And stay safe.

From Victoria B.C. Canada on the West Coast of North America… I am Colin Newell.