Summer Fun Food Drink and Gear – BING Bots suck – Chapter 20 and their out of control spiders. You suck!Misfiring Microsoft search bots at have been hammering my site so much lately I had to put an HTACCESS block on them – not to stop the site being overrun with their crazy spiders… but to save my pocketbook.

Looking at my detailed web logs, it appeared that I was being scanned by “20-30 bots every few seconds”, appearing much like a denial of service attack.

The IP addresses of the bots – Had almost 90,000 hits on my website yesterday – came from – the culprit in Redmond.

Those people are not only incapable of developing a stable operating system; VISTA or Windows 7… but also, they haven’t a clue about running a search engine.

So guess what?
You’re blocked!

Microsoft gobbled almost 8% of my monthly web bandwidth in one day – thanks a lot folks.

Now piss off.

Colin Newell is a Victoria area resident, food writer, blogger and multimedia engineer – when he is not working at a local University, he is on the hunt for the perfect cup of coffee…