Summer Food Fun and Drink 12 Salmon Kings – what were they thinking

Folks who know me well know that I enjoy my Salmon Kings hockey…

A lot.

But through a strange twist of hockey club management, my favorite Captain… Wes Goldie, has been replaced with, by the looks of it, a guy who spends more time in the penalty box – than on the ice or on the bench…

Say hello to the new captain of the Victoria Salmon Kings – Pete Vandermeer – third on the all-time American Hockey League penalty minutes list.

Say it with me folks… WTF!

“Our barn, Save-on-Foods Memorial will not be a place other teams will want to return to,” threatened Vandermeer…

“Even if the other guys leave with a win, it’s important they leave missing some blood and teeth when limping out of here.”

Once more… WTF?

A recent perception from management is that while it has been a skilled and scoring team, it’s also been soft.

Soft, my ass.

“Our building needs to be a scary place to come into.” Vandermeer chuckled.

Someone needs to remind Morrison, Salmon Kings coach – that the ECHL is family entertainment and regulars and season ticket holders are not interested in thuggery and bloodletting. Ever.

My opinion: We have not even begun to feel the blow-back from this stupid management decision at Salmon Kings HQ.