Summer Fun Food Drink Volume 2 Chapter 1 Smile

Oil spills. Earthquake. Famine. Pestilence. Plague of locusts. And asteroids.
Pity the Planet Earth for if it had a personality it would have developed a complex by now.

It’s all out there. But you cannot dwell on that stuff all of the time. Because it will bring you down. Like it is bringing me down.

Until June the 21st when everything changes.

And so with the dawn of a new summer, it is time to begin that beloved series that my devoted reader appreciated so much last summer…

I give you Summer Fun Food and Drink – Volume 2 for 2010.


The view from my balcony high in Rockland, Victoria, B.C. Canada.
It’s priceless. It is unspoilt. That is Oak Bay, Victoria in the distance. And the vague outline of a rainbow over the San Juan Islands – indicating a pot of gold… or at least a piece of paradise.

Living in Victoria is a little like taking your two thumbs and index fingers and making spectacles that filter out everything but the goodness. This is it. Smile.

Bob Harris, of, Los Angeles and the World, 5 time Jeopardy champion and writer for CSI Las Vegas and Bones stood on my balcony recently and proclaimed… “You people are billionaires…”

And he was not talking about dollars and cents. It is a metaphor for what can be.
Bob is currently circuiting the globe writing a couple of books – one of them on the subject of micro-finance and the other on the subject of why people fight.

The photo above represents why people don’t fight.
So don’t fight it. Smile.
And welcome back to our Summer programming.

If you enjoyed last summers series you may remember this highlight – The Summer Food Fun and Drink Starbucks in decline series – enjoy.