Rites of Spring #38 – Blip or trend – shortchanging in the cafe and bakeries

Counting your change in the cafe and bakery?I want to be very careful when I introduce this topic – I do not want to inflame any cafe or bakery owners.
Because this is a very inexact and unscientific observation.

So here goes… Brace yourself.

More often, I seem to be catching staff at some of the local cafes and bakeries “short changing” me…
By a very consistent 1 dollar.

Not 2$ or 50 cents – but 1 dollar. Always.

This has happened to me 3 times in the last month.
Today, when it happened again, I called the staffer on it.

They happily gave me the dollar that was skipped and
even said… “I thought I did not give you the right change…”

I was courteous about it and although I was thinking to myself: “If you thought about it, why did you not mention it til you were handing my purchase and I would be heading out the door?”

Did not say it though.

My thinking is: It’s a buck. It’s trivial. I generally put a all of my small change in the tip jar when – a.) I am buying a coffee
b.) Buying whole bean coffee or
c.) Buying a food product in a bakery.

So. Help me out here folks.
Are you seeing the same thing?
If you want to name names, do not do it here – send me an e-mail.
Casual observations are welcomed here – but do not point fingers at individual businesses.

I have been observing cafe culture since the late 80’s and this is one of the odd trends – could all be in my head… or coincidence.

Would love to hear from my readers.