Rites of Spring #35 – Victoria’s Best coffee – come on – applause

Someone has to get this title… so let’s do it with a picture.

I refuse to use Twit-Pic because… hey, I have my own server and I like to keep my hands on my photos – real possessive that way…

Anyway – if you asked me right now where the best damn cup of coffee is in Victoria B.C. Canada — Victoria as in downtown or near downtown Victoria (not Vancouver Island which is another category…)

I would say… without a moments hesitation…

Discovery Coffee – either on Oak Bay (where I practically live…)
or on Discovery Street downtown.

And although the music is often too loud (even for a middle aged short haired hippie like me…)

The coffee is… I beg your pardon… Fucking dope.

It just is. Enjoy life. Drink Discovery coffee. And listen to those around you.