Gear fest – Playing with the Worlds Best Coffee Maker by NEWCO

NEWCO OCS-12 and OCS-8 from BBC Sales Vancouver - Worlds best Coffee makerIn the World of fast cars, cool watches, great shoes and exotic destinations… there has to be the best of the best. And so it is with coffee machines.

Whether they are making espresso, simple stove top coffee or dripping an awesome pot of joe, there is a pecking order where coffee machines are concerned.

And in the opinion of the machine review team, there can only be one truly great drip coffee maker. There are, for the record, two remarkable machines by two different manufacturers; the Technivorm KBT Mocca series and the NEWCO OCS-8 and OCS-12.

BBC Sales, under the watchful eye of Ken Robyn, was kind enough to send us the 2 flagship OCS brewers for some of our semi-destructive testing.
And this is merely the teaser blog on the feature. The whole review will be over on the website – hopefully I will be done sometime this weekend. I have some playing to do, some drinking ahead of me – and many photos to take.

Quick summary. The Newco OCS-12 and OCS-8 brew 60 fluid ounces and 40 fluid ounces of coffee respectively. Their commercial powerplant is a 1500 Watt heater. The brew basket temperature is very near the ideal 205 degrees (F). Brewed coffee in their thermal carafe is between 170 and 180 degrees (F) depending on whether or not you pre-heat the carafe. That is chop scalding hot and the ideal way to brew.

Considering that the average serving size in home-office coffee world is around 12 fluid ounces, these are ideal for small offices and big families of coffee drinkers. And on top of that, these machines can be plumbed into domestic water supplies for batch after batch of great coffee. Brew time is about 7 to 8 minutes for full batches.

Tonight I brewed a 1/3 pot of Guatemalan Liquidamber from Discovery Coffee.
So, so good folks. So, so good.

By the by: These machines might be free samples… in which case, some lucky coffeecrew blog reader might be taking one home! They retail for around $179 to $200 – they are built like tanks. I bought my first one 6 or 7 years ago and it has been running 5 days a week twice a day without a single hiccup.

Now that’s coffee brewing!