Rites of Spring #12 – Espresso, you wicked mistress

Espresso coffee - man's wicked mistressSomeone once said… “Teach a man to make coffee and he will be happy every day… teach him to make espresso and he will be frustrated for a lifetime.”

Truer words were never spoken.

Me, I have been out of the espresso game for almost a year.
I love my french press and drip. And I think I am pretty good at it.

(And) When I get a hankering for an espresso, I leave it to the pro’s – like any of the folks at Discovery Coffee, or Habit Coffee and Culture, or if I absolutely positively without question have to have the closest-thing-to-religious-experience espresso… well then I make the pilgrimage to Drumroaster coffee on the Island highway – somewhere near Cobble Hill at the highway turnoff to Cowichan Bay. It’s worth it.
Because when you are in the company of Geir or Carsen Oglend or Tristan Mapstone or are nibbling some wonderful brioche created by Patricia Oglend… well, the coffee angels are whispering in your ears.

For me, self produced espresso can be a mixed bag. As you can see from the shot above, I can make a mean espresso. But I screw up a lot. And I don’t take it well.
I am currently playing with an espresso machine that I call the Red Dragon. It is the only rebuilt and custom espresso machine on the planet that has had Reg Barber participate in the production phase. (I will review it soon on coffeecrew.com)

And then, because it has crossed me once (produced bad espresso because I was not on the ball…) I am giving it away.
That’s right folks – a one of a kind pump driven espresso machine. Brass boiler. Fire engine powder coat red… and it can make killer espresso.

But it’s got to go. That is just the way I am.
I’m a drip that loves my drip coffee.
And I speak a bit of French as well.

So stay tuned.