Rites of Spring #4 – Queen Kong Nyeri Kenyan AA from RocketFuelCoffee.Com

Coffee of Kenya – noted for its cooperative system of production, processing, milling, marketing, and auctioning. For the average North American consumer, Kenya is one of the most recognized next to Colombia and Brazil – It stands out because of its flavor profile; overarching astringency – bright lemon flavors – medium body – snappy flavors with some hints of orange, citrus and, of all things, cedar wood.

About 70% of Kenyan coffee is produced by small scale share holders in this burgeoning and historic agro-dependent society.

And no self-respecting purveyor of exotic coffees would complete their inventory of great coffees without the inclusion of at least one great Kenyan.

Lisa Rotenberg of RocketFuelCoffee.com has a nose for great coffees and picked Gikanda Farmers Coop Nyeri regions signature Kenya AA as her African representative.

And she picked well – The coffee has a wonderfully appealing lemon crispness with hints of oak, spice and hints of blueberry. For me it is not the in your face pucker up in the cup that I normally associate with bold Kenyan coffees – and I like that. It is more complex than the average AA and is worth the investment.

More of an afternoon and dinner coffee, Kenyan Nyeri “Queen Kong” from RocketFuelCoffee.Com wins on balance, nuance and subtlety.

Thanks Lisa. Good work!