Rites of Spring #3 – El Socorro coffee from RocketFuelCoffee.Com

We are brewing Guatemalan El Socorro y Anexos coffee in our lab today.

From a sample from RocketFuelCoffee.com of Toronto – arguably one of Canada’s premiere suppliers of 100% exotic specialty arabica coffees.

El Socorro y Anexos has been awarded the prestigious Presidential Award Cup of Excellence (COE #4). And that says something. A tremendous amount of care and attention has gone into this coffee.

We found the coffee rich with a deep & fruity body – reminiscent of plums, dates and darker fruit.
This is a perfectly balanced cup with no distractions or surprises – a big morning coffee suited to drinking black (as if anyone would be silly enough to defile this with sugar or cream.)

Our morning brews tend to be drip from a Newco OCS-8 thermal carafe brewer – a clear ruler among coffee brewers.
This afternoon we will follow up with a large 4-minute Bodum press.

Afternoon report
4 minute press revealed a much more subdued cup with less fruit volume and more flower notes… some hibiscus and spice (sage, cinnamon).

Overall impression This is a superb example of a well tended Guatemalan coffee. Perfect for coffee drinkers who like the flexibility of a bold filter brew or a sedate and balanced French Press. Top marks!