Rites of Spring 2010 – number 2 – punish the environment

March 23, 1988 – Walking behind a couple of young people (visiting here from somewhere in the Pacific Rim…) enjoying the brilliant Victoria B.C. early Spring like weather… Not far behind, I have INXS playing on my Sony Walkman – a late 80’s relic that plays cassette tape modules. The couple are chowing down on bananas – an odd choice for a Spring evening. Much to my surprise, they drop the banana peels at their sides onto the sidewalk… without a second glance. In a moment of spontaneous indignation, I pick up the dangerous fallen slippery peels and toss them in their direction, uttering a witty and original… “Dudes…” or something to that effect. Okay, maybe something more offensive. They were speechless… but the sidewalk was now peel-less.

Roll up the Rim to POLLUTE - Tim Hortons in the bin

March 23, 2010 – Tim’s Horton’s is now launching another round of Roll up the Rim to Win – an orgy of pollution. 31 million prizes the website claims – I imagine that it works out to about 100 million paper cups – many of those served empty for the sole purpose of letting Canadian red necks and yuppies alike enjoy the brief joy of rolling a piece of wax paper.

Sacred like hockey and maple syrup, few people challenge this ridiculous bit of commerce… but I say to you, risking a storm of e-mail…

What a fucking stupid idea Roll up the Rim to Win is.

Just one of those stupid things that we see from time to time that are just so stupid… and not enough of us wonder why.

Soon sidewalks across Canada will be littered with this pathetically silly waste of paper.

Way to go Tim Horton’s.
Here is a past rant on the subject of Tim Horton’s relentless war on the Canadian environment.