Rites of Spring 2010 – looking for some great coffee house staff

Shane Devereaux - cool king of Victoria coffee at HABIT Coffee and CultureWhen you are Shane Devereaux, arguably the reigning king of downtown Victoria coffee cool, your mere presence in any doorway is generally an indicator that you are guarding the latest caffeinated portal to hipness.

And it is with that abstract observation that we are pleased to announce that soon, very soon, there will be another dose of HABIT arriving on the shores of our collective cerebral cortex – ready for a stiff tapping at that…

On Yates street. At the new (and highly anticipated) Atrium complex.

Along with the likes of Zambri’s, PIG and some other ultra-sexy businesses.

And Shane is looking for a few good women and men. To join a team of coffee super-beings. Who love coffee. Who love people. Who love combining the two. Who are ready to be family members. Who have food and coffee culture passion measured in gigawatts.

Do you have that right stuff?
If you do and you are prepared to participate in the mind-orgy of now… Well then send an e-mail to the Shane-meister at habitcoffee@gmail.com

And may the cool be with you.