Winter all food, fun, drink and coffee culture – The Stick in the Mud

Listen here for our Stick in the Mud interview today… Flash player below – if you cannot see that, click here for the mp3.

We interview David Evans of the Stick in Sooke!

Stick in the Mud - Coffee house - David Evans - RoasterIn the waning days of winter 2010 we conclude our series on crisp season fun with an audio soundbyte from the heart of Sooke B.C. Canada.

Because we spent a quiet mid-week at Point no Point resort on the windy west coast of Vancouver Island – and enjoyed several yummy meals at the look-out restaurant – under the watchful eye of Chef Jason and his assistant and sous chef Ian. More on this later.

At right – Caffeine dream weaver and coffee roaster, David Evans, stands guard at the Stick in the Mud coffee house… Eustace Avenue off of Otter Point Road in beautiful Sooke, British Columbia.

On the return leg to Victoria we stopped in at Sooke village for some necessary great coffee from “The Stick in the Mud” coffee house – and talking with coffee expert, ad man, bon vivant, raconteur and ideas dude… David Evans.

Well, he gave us the low down on some of the history behind this very exciting cafe in the heart of Douglas fir country. Here is some audio to sink your ears into. Pitching a podcast idea to a local food magazine…

Back out in the wild at Jordan River and the Point no Point resort, we had two great meals by the hands of Chef Jason Neinaber and sous-Chef Ian Carr. Come to think of it, I think we ate everything on the menu – like the was a choice in the matter. Thankfully, on our first evening visit we only mentioned our presence on the way out – and in that sitting, I had two appies; oysters under caesar salad and seared scallops on a bed of cous cous, house made bacon and mushrooms – my dear wife had the chicken.

When we returned the night after, we were greeted by a plate of Jason and Ian’s brand new charcuterie – house cured meats with condiments, and suitable pickles.

At left – Chef Jason has his own cured meats at the Point No Point view restaurant – several types; salami, capicola, duck proscuitto, bread crisps, onions, pickled mushrooms, etc… click photo for the super size

This was a first meet with Chef Jason after a couple of phone interviews and a successful story pitch to EAT Magazine – the article appearing in the May June episode of EAT. Jason Neinaber is an imposing and intense 6’ 4” or so and takes his food very seriously – but is equally passionate and sharing with his knowledge of new culinary discoveries.

Andrea tried pork cutlets at this sitting and I – a couple of appetizers, home made rigatoni stuffed with a meaty and rich bolognese and, dig this, the seared scallops on a couple of things including sweetbreads… never had that before – look it up in lieu of me describing it… an interesting flavor and texture!

Point no point on the wicked, wild and windy West coast road is our secret get-away and stress buster. Cabins from around $195/day include private outdoor hot-tubs, super romantic views, full kitchens and a restaurant with some World class eats if you are so inclined. You can reach them at 250-646-2020… tell them Colin sent you.