Winter all food, fun and drink – Ending the twitter fun house…

Happy Friday everyone and welcome back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Sorry to have been absent for so long – dealing with that nasty Twitter addiction – and after a brief session in neediness and attention deficit rehab, I am back to make a statement.

Which is.

Stay out of deep emotional ponds… especially if you are not equipped with an suitable mind flotation device.

Because oh so many of those… please follow me and please re-tweet my every thought can drain a man’s ability to function properly in the real World.

Twitter is, for me, like a reform school or a very dysfunctional family…
and, as a social application, it should make us better not worse…

More stable… less unstable.
Better people… less like monkeys… less like the class clown.
More inclusive, engaging and interested in the social condition.

And keep in mind: I am people. And I am a monkey. And a clown.

So… Let’s get back to it shall we?
Eager to get back to the drivel you all have been so fond of.