Winter all food, fun and drink marathon begins – Love it live

Neil Young at the 2010 Closing Ceremonies - OlympicsThe International Olympic Committee has been really funny about live music at open and closing ceremonies for years.

One of their golden rules (that is impossible to break) is the one on live music at the ceremonies… and unattractive young girls (I reference the Beijing O.C.)

Their thinking is: To avoid mistakes, embarrassment and equipment failure, they run “tape” for the broadcast feed from the event through the studios to the media… and to you in television land.

Some claim that the performance is “live” in the stadium and tape to media (and your television set) – that might be, but I doubt it.

From my observations, the only open microphones at the O.C. and C.C. were during the dialog from Jack Roggue and John Furlong’s cringe inducing interpretation of cereal box French.

Canadian legend Neil Young did not have a microphone on him either – he had an audio prompter in his ear so he could hear his taped performance and follow along.

As did K.D. Lang (whom I have seen live several times…)

When Nelly Furtado and Bryan Adams “played” at the O.C. Brian left his microphone by his side when he started singing – but quickly “corrected” a few bars into the song.

There are many, many music rehearsals for the opening and closing ceremonies – and what you hear at home is a digital recording of one of the “best takes”.

If there is any doubt as to this fact, ask yourself why none of the artists ever make a mistake during their performance.

As a guitar player, singer and piano player of over 25 years, I would like to say that the whole “taped” thing offends me – but it doesn’t.
It is a personal choice that each artist makes – whether to “compromise” or not and how they do it.

For more reading on the subject, check out David Atkins (executive producer of the 2010 ceremonies) on the subject of O.C./C.C. Olympic lip syncing…

Quote of the day: “I think Nickelback’s music incites violence. For instance, when I hear a Nickleback song….I want to kill Nickleback.” -Brian Posehn

The Olympics are over. Do I love Canada more?

Hate to say it.

I do.
The party is over. Now it’s time to pay the caterer.