Winter Fun Food and Adventure Victoria – know your pets

Fuji digital cameras have introduced the FinePix F80EXR 12 Megapixel camera…

With pet recognition…

For those times when you are sitting in the cabin with your loved one and your equivalent of mans best friend.
And you turn to your significant other and say…

“Honey, does that look like our dog snuffles to you?”

“Gee. Honey. I am not sure…”
“Lemme grab the Fuji FinePix F80EXR!”

Don't trust your eyes to recognizing your pet!The F80EXR features Pet Detection which detects the faces of up to 10 dogs or cats and automatically focuses on them.
Seeing that this process is notoriously difficult (to capture an expressive portrait of an active animal with a compact camera) why leave it up to your eyes!
Pet Detection allows the camera to shoot automatically as soon as it detects your pet’s face in the frame. The FinePix F80EXR also allows you to search for pictures of cats or dogs in playback mode.

Good thing.
Because I have never trusted my cat.