Winter all food, fun and drink marathon begins – Olympics full swing

Just in case someone thinks that I am rolled up in the corner like a cobra or glowering like a vulture as the Canadian sports Olympiad rolls out in all its glorious redness…

I can honestly say that I am enjoying the sports and athletes in colorful HD.

Nothing like the detail in pairs skating. Or the ‘nothing to the imagination’ of sliding events like luge , skeleton , and bobsled .

Don’t get me wrong. Like our participation in Afghanistan. I question the mission but I support the troops without a hiccup.

The Olympics is a 2 week plus party – and Vancouver – Whistler residents and visitors appear to be enjoying themselves. Awesome. Right there with you.

The protesters are well behaved, peaceful, getting their message across – and the lug nut Black Bloc are keeping out of the way, utterly discredited as the bone-headed thugs they are.

When it is all over, you will probably not hear another negative word about the subject – it’s done like dinner. Time to move on. Back to actual real life stuff.

So. Thanks for your patience loyal reader Jeanie. You have the patience of a…
well. You fill in the blanks.