Tropical Colors Warm Winds Tour 2009

Doing what I am supposed to be doing - Milling Coffee

Hello from Kona, Hawaii. Breaking my silence now.

Have spent a few days on light duty observation of Kona Coffee Fest – and what a wonderful, rural event it is indeed.

Sat with Joachim Oster of Blue Horse Kona (and my dear Wife Andrea) over coffee at the Keahou Outrigger waterside bar and talking about life, death, coffee, birth, the farmers life, the science of coffee and everything in between.

Photo above: I am loading 80 pound bags of Kona cherry into the pulper at Blue Horse Kona

This is why I am here. To get some of those pressing questions answered.

To hang the soul out to dry and to heal.

To let the rays of the tropical Sun trickle charge largely discharged batteries.

To move forward by sitting perfectly still.

This will become a regular home for upwards of a month a year.
I would suggest this kind of down time for anyone. It is amazing. And subtle. And gentle.

It is Hawaii.