Fall Fun Food and Drink Chapter Four – rapture in my cup

Overwhelmed. o·ver·whelm …To affect deeply in mind or emotion

Yesterday I served Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee and pure Kona (from RocketFuelCoffee.Com in Toronto, Ontario)

The JBM was brewed 75g to this 1.5 liter Bodum bad-boy. 20s of vigorous stirring and a 3.5 minute brew period.

We stood in a circle like a Bulgarian woman’s a capella choir – singing its praises in near perfect harmony;

Balanced acidity. Medium body. Not a lot of bite.

But was it is a truly exceptional JBM?
In light of what we followed up with: a pure Kona brewed in a 60g load in a Newco OCS-8 40 fluid ounce drip brewer… it was good, maybe great.

But how great?
The Kona was cleaner tasting – both had great body and were balanced on the palate with gentle citrus notes.

Then we tried Helsar de Zarcero from Drumroaster Coffee of Cobble Hill, British Columbia. Helsar de Zarcero 100% typica varietal is one in a long line of exceptional coffees from the Perz and Rodrigues Villalobos families. The coffee is supple, sweet and, as always, meticulously processed at the Miramontes micro mill.

Helsar de Zarcero is raised in Costa Rica’s fertile West Valley at elevations between 5400-6100 feet.

Another incredible coffee from Geir Oglend at Drumroaster

How did this modest bean take two of the World’s caffeine super-powers by the stem and push them aside?
Simple; diligence, dedication, love, location, attention to detail… and a desire to produce one of the Planet’s best tasting coffees.

Photo above – Geir Oglend captures the moment

I am not saying that great JBM and Kona isn’t wonderful, because it is. It is just… that in 2009, there are better coffees (for less) that are worth your dollars and unflinching attention.

Cheers to master artisan roaster, Geir Oglend, of Drumroaster Coffee on Vancouver Island for another stirring and stunning coffee presentation… And, of course, to the folks at Helsar de Zarcero in Costa Rica.