Rage against the Machine – corporate vandalism of public spaces.

Shame on the Bay Centre in Victoria B.C. Canada for their abuse of a public space: the sidewalks of Victoria B.C. Canada. In a cynical attempt at being gritty, edgy and on the fringe this latest attempt by a local marketing agency falls flat like so much scattered waste from a sea gull.

In my often downtown forays into the urban shell, I spend a lot of time looking into windows and into faces – never are my eyes forced downward on to the sidewalk other than to change course from some inadvertently deposited animal dropping. So what is up with the dated concept of guerrilla marketing by Eclipse Creative in Victoria?

I mean – do they have a permit for this? Or is this another one of them brilliant IKEA IDEAS?
In a recent conversation with one of their agents (who will remain nameless…) she revealed… “Permit? I do not think so. Do we need one? Gee. I don’t know…”
It seems the Bay Centre “Maintenance Crew” used the stencils provided to them by Eclipse Creative to spray a water soluble material onto the public sidewalks.

So what is stopping me from spraying over their message with my message?
Which is: “get out of my face already…”

Do you have any idea how fast I would have the cuffs slapped on me if I created my own special and unique message on a public sidewalk?

Anyway. Eclipse Creatives attempt at edginess is so yesterday. As a former member of the Prada team pointed out, this was so done in the 90’s.
Welcome to the 21st century baby.
Buzz not achieved.
Try again.