Fall Fun 2009 Crazy Creative Writing Action – win a coffee maker

Ok. I have brand new Technivorm thermal carafe drip brewer – arguably one of the best drip brewers on the Planet…

Up for grabs.

And all you need to do is write a story (including a digital picture or two…)
or send an audio MP3 – not to exceed 15 minutes in length.

About… a poignant aha moment in your life… that can have a coffee connection… or not. It can be about life, food, drink, or travel.

Our panel of judges are looking for an emotional bang or a solid belly laugh… or both.

Life is full of ups and downs – grand moments and bad moments.
And your power to win this will pivot on your ability to:
a.) Win reader votes and
b.) Influence our panel of cynical and jaded judges.
c.) Being a resident of CANADA

Word count: 475 to 575 words.

Important Voting rule – Voters will be encouraged to read all the stories and vote for 3! Voters need to give at least a sentence of energy towards each of the 3 choices.

a.) No obvious use of Facebook and Twitter will be permitted (disqualification if detected) — sure, by all means be creative… but be sure to instruct your fan club to be just a little bit more creative than “I VOTE FOR STORY #17!”

SEE Very important VOTING rule above.

b.) Multiple votes from single network or IP addresses will not be tolerated – and I do not care how many people in your office are going to be rooting for you – be creative and get them to vote when they go home!

c.) Encourage your supporters to actually read some of the stories. And then vote for your 3 favorite stories citing reasons why.

d.) Canadian residents only for this one folks! I do not know who carries the TECHNIVORM in the U.S. – this is a Dutch made coffee maker that is CSA Approved – not necessarily for the U.S. Market – importation could be a nightmare.

Abuse of any of the rules can result in immediate disqualification.

CONTEST COMMENCES RIGHT NOW! September 14, 2009 and the writing portion ends at 5PM Pacific Standard Time on the 30th of September, 2009. Voting and judgment will begin on October 1, 2009.

Send your entries – Titled BREWER CONTEST ENTRY to my e-mail

Make me proud people! and good luck everyone!