Fall Fun Food and Drink Chapter Two – A week on Twitter

Twitter is like riding a bus. At rush hour.
And we all know how much fun that is.
People with opinions that you do not really want – and faces that you would rather not see. All at your fingertips.
In my one week experiment with this application… a week I will never get back…
I discovered the following:

Twitter eats time… faster than a hummingbird guzzles sugar-water.
Twitter can eat so much time, that is better spent working (or not) on something meaningful… or not.

Which is to say that Twitter equates to less than nothing – yes, such a thing is possible.

In the week that I have been messing with it, I have
-deleted about 100 unwelcome followers who are marketing gurus trying to convince me that I can make money on the internet…

Already figured how to do that thanks.

Blocked dozens of Britney Spears porn sites.
Blocked dozens of ego maniacs with 10,000 followers… whom are following 33 other ego maniacs.
Blocked people who really value their opinions on everything… very, very highly.

I one week I have fallen behind 2 to 3 weeks on projects I need to get done.
That’s 3 steps back folks.
The upside?
I did discover was that you can make friends really quickly if you want.
You can keep up on local events and trends way faster than conventional media.
You will meet folks who will readily meet up with you for a cup of coffee (a tweet up I think…) without any credibility checks, common sense or police background checks.
With folks who have really odd opinions on just about everything.

Kind of like a populist SCA (Society for creative anachronism) – good people actually.
Twitter breeds well dressed people with odd belief systems; “I think the poor need to be taxed on their bad eating habits… don’t you?”


Anyway. Experiment almost over and regular programming will soon continue.
Thankfully I escaped my first Twitter-fest or twit-sesh where people hang out (hoping to hook up I guess) with other folks talking in 140 character propositions…
About little of value.