Coffee for August 31 2009 Rocket Fuel Esmeralda

What: Caballeriza (Kah-ba-yeh-ree-sah)
Where: Region: Jaramillo
How Altitude: 1,500M
Taste: Wild strawberries, intense licorice, blueberries and red currant in
the cup, this is an intensely aromatic coffee, coming from one of the
new production areas in Jaramillo.
Extras: Los Mario: Carnaval, San José and Pascua
Region: Jaramillo
Altitude: 1,500-1,650M
Our traditional, award winning Esmeralda Special comes from the area
known as Mario. This year, north and south of the creek are not
separated, and the coffee is grouped by harvest dates.

Notes from Cigar smoking coffee diva Lisa Rotenberg of RocketFuel Coffee.Com Toronto, Canada.

Thanks for the samples. We were blown away. If you love coffee and plan on tasting everything you can, Panama Esmeralda La Hacienda is a must-drink cup o java!