Fall Colors Canadian Style 2009 WBC Da Vinci Hall duking kitties

Spent part of the day at the WBC Regional cham-peen-ships semi-finals (I guess) at the Da Vinci center over on Bay Street – all the best of the best and the big playa’s in the bidness were there; Geir Oglend, Reg Barber, Sam Jones, Dave Evans (Stickman), Ryan Taylor, Derek of Buon Amici’s coffee, some of the fine folks at Discovery, cats from Street Level Espresso, the Oughtreds, Khona Coffee people, Chris from Machines N Beans, Gareth from Canterbury, and many many more…

Barista’s came from far and wide, one gal from Whitehorse in the Yukon gave her all. Some pictures over here – Back tomorrow for more of the great caffeine powered excitement.

Driving home and coming up to our shack on Belmont avenue, noticed the two elderly street cats – their combined ages about 126 in pussy years.

One cat had the other cat pinned to the sidewalk – pinned not really being a good word… smurfed more like it… the one cat on top using gravity and a passing breeze to its full advantage. Can imagine the conversation if translated…

“Jake, I have had enough of your sassing me all the time… say Give!”
“Noooooo… Owwwwww… Meowwwwwww.. Never jimmy… nevvvvvvverrrr-eowwww…”

I think they moved a total of 1cm in the 2 minutes I was watching in rapt boredom.