Bonus Blog Summer Sofa Surfing Sidewalk Styles

Have been meaning to rant on this for a long while…

It all started with a sofa on the sidewalk.

Which in wet Victoria B.C. Canada comes as something of a surprise.

Discarded stuff. For some reason we live in a city with residents that feel that garbage self-disposes. Hell, we dump raw sewage into the strait of Juan de Fuca so dumping our sofas on the boulevard is not that much of a stretch. I guess they think the rain will flush it away.

But I have been seeing more shite on the sidewalks lately.

  • Old televisions. Big ones at that.
  • Computer monitors. Yep. CRT ones. No surprise here.
  • Microwave ovens. Seeing a trend here?
  • Coffee makers. Say’s it not so.

Lately I have been seeing a veritable Potpourri of detritus (Hey Cheryl!) on our city streets that seem to include…

  • Children’s toys – they grow up so fast.
  • Booster seats – as above
  • Strollers – again, I hope the kids are OK

So. For residents of Victoria B.C Canada, I ask you: What is up with all the sidewalk refuse?