British Columbia mini-rant – Deer at the dinner table

A Ucluelet woman has been ordered by the Ministry of Environment to stop keeping a black-tailed deer as a house pet.

Janet Schwartz took in “Bimbo” as a fawn five years ago, after its mother was killed by a car, she told CBC News.

The doe sleeps in a bed in Schwartz’s home, dances to Elvis, hugs like an old man and eats at her table. Its diet includes fruit and junk food.

The blue meanies at the Ministry of the Environment say that the Doe has got to go.

Bimbo has been with Ms. Schwartz for almost 6 years now…
so, In B.C. this is a legally binding common law relationship.

I say leave the couple alone.

And isn’t it funny that a government that behaves like an obsequious old house-elf from Harry Potter towards every little ache and pain from the likes of VANOC – bares their teeth at a little old lady and her live in venison.

Shame. Shame I say, shame!

A government that is now less popular than swine flu and less credible than the RCMP can ill afford to be smacking around old hippies and their hoofers.
So back off already… before we call in the rest of the herd.