Summer Food and Drink series – 2011 rant #30 in stickiness

Vancouver 2011 Papers Please!

The year is 2011. Vancouver. The former emerald gem of the Canadian south-west is in ruin. Several years of utter neglect and government sponsored raids on the community chest have left this former city of dreams in a patina of rust and deterioration.

A private police force cautiously roam the few streets not declared off limits by endless civil strife, skirmishes between resistance militias and the almost complete collapse of infrastructure.

Those people brave enough to venture into the chaos, bewildered in the crumbling streets, look for a reason for this nightmare – and a scrap of food not already sold off to the occupiers.

I gaze across this futuristic hellscape, and I spot a gas powered automobile from the early days of the 21st century. It’s burned down to the tire rims and largely stripped of every valuable piece of metal or wire – but I can still make out the bumpersticker… shown above

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Buy one of these now – while you still can. Place it on your still running automobile, bicycle, rickshaw, skateboard or burro!

And thank your lucky stars you still have a job and 3-square.

For now