Summer Food Fun and Drink Chapter 14 OTTO in the House

OTTO arrived on the shores of North America today! Delivered to my door after what seems like a long, long wait.

You have read the stories before – and the blogs that I have put out over the last year or so.

And for all those watching the reemergence of the classic Atomic espresso maker (in the guise of a new Atomic – and a Sorrentina), OTTO was hotly anticipated.

And few were more excited than I was.

I have never even touched an Atomic or Atomic style coffee maker before – and I know the devotion, amongst collectors and users, is legendary.

So this is just a teaser – in what will become an entire series unto itself.

After taking OTTO out of its shipping crate, I was staggered at the raw weight of the unit. I will weigh it tomorrow – but apparently it clocks in at about 3 times the weight of the Atomic Classic.

And my first brew after a casual flirtation with the instructions?

OTTO knocked me out of the park with a crema rich espresso. With Craig Hiron and associate Ben on Video Skype in Sydney Australia – watching on pins – I gasped at the first sips of espresso and a cheer went up Down Under.

This was a truly delightful moment for me – and the boys in Australia. A sense of relief too. I mean, I had no idea how good this was going to be.

More coming!