Summer Fun Food and Drink 2009 – Chapter 7 Pissed with Readers Digest

Readers Digest Canada rant - enough with the book barrage!Hey. I hope I am not the only one that is experiencing this — and strap yourselves in folks. This is a full on rant.

Readers digest. Their book club. Or whatever they call it…

I have a dear old aunt who is in her 80’s – and she is getting a little fuzzy… a bit past her mental prime and all – which is normal.

At some point she got a shill from Readers Digest (Canada) for a free book or two. So they sent her a free book… and then another… and then a box of books. And then she send them a note: No more books!

But the books keep coming. And now they are billing the old dear.

And I am shipping them back – return to sender.

Surely I cannot be the only one ranting about Readers Digest Canada.
Go to their website. It is easy to find. I challenge you to find somewhere on their website where you can e-mail some human being… if only to write…

Enough with the books already!

Readers Digest Canada – please note. My patience is running out.

Colin Newell uncovers Canada’s ugly little secrets so you don’t have to.