As solstice approaches – Two Old Goats Live in the Sun age

Wouldn’t it be cool to be in a folk band – or have a CD under your belt and sit in the audience and enjoy your music?

Ok. Kind of weird.

Two Old Goats Live in the Sun Age - Caddy Bay StarbucksAnyhow. Tonight Andrea and I had the awesome pleasure of sitting outdoors and listening to 1/2 of the Two Old Goats (my band), Charlie Burton and his lovely and talented daughter Mariah – belt out some of the tunes off of our album and Charlies first album Take my Picks

The Two Old Goats recorded a CD last year – titled Island Standard Time in my 24 track home studio… and, get this, this is the 1st time I have ever heard any of the songs performed live!

The real star of the show, actually, is Mariah, Charlies college age daughter – whose vocal prowess was an utter knock-out – and whose talent was entirely not surprising. She is, after all, the daughter of a dude who has some pretty wicked chops.

Anyway – to our delight, they played at the Cadboro Bay Starbucks – out on the patio – in the brilliant Sun… on a wonderful evening. The weather has been spectacular the last few days, in Victoria, and like any outdoor setting for live acoustic music… well, it cannot be beat! Charlie sang and played his Martin guitar and Banjo – Mariah sang, harmonized, did some originals and played some awesome guitar and banjo as well.

In a stunning moment, Mariah did a version of Summertime that left the audience breathless. And as I said to Charlie after the show: “I have teared up twice in the last month – once during a Tony Bennett performance on Elvis Costello’s show Spectacle and second during Mariah’s perfect and breathtaking rendition of the classic.

For those Victoria area residents that are interested, Charlie will be playing at the Caddy Bay Starbucks every Thursday night for the rest of the month – from 7PM til 9PM. Come on down. I will be there.

Interested in the music of the Two Old Goats – check it out here