As solstice approaches – passports please

Ask the average American which two countries border on the U.S.A.

And they will either give you a blank stare…

or they will say (after a suitable hesitation…)
“Alaska and Hawaii?”

or they will say…

They don’t know.
And for Americans, a passport does not make sense…
because the U.S.A. is the World.

What do they need a passport for when the World is…
well… the U.S.A.

Yes. This is a gross exaggeration

And this exaggeration is like painting a snake and adding legs.

But it illustrates a subtle point. It may be difficult to convince a population of prospective travelers, of skittish explorers… that they need anything beyond their drivers license or an oral declaration – to allow them to enter, well… anywhere.

I am not a betting man – but I think it is safe to assume that American visits to Canada are about to take a major down-tick.

Meantime, my passport is up to date. I love America and I plan on visiting it often in the next while.