Doi Chaang Thai Civet coffee – chapter two

At $500 per pound, Doi Chaang’s Thai civet coffee could be among the most expensive – and tasty coffee on the Planet Earth – and I speak from my taste experience.

And in early June it will be available at one of three Urban Fare Stores in Vancouver and Pusateri’s in Toronto.

Senior officer at Doi Chaang, John Darch, has received requests for this exotic brew which has easily exceeded the 40 lbs they have on hand.

John offers, “I’m pleased to say that the Doi Chaang Civet coffee tasting went
exceptionally well. So well in fact that Shawn MacDonald and I were invited to appear on the Fanny Keifer show.”

A tasting was attended by three Chefs, three writers and a person who is a part of the local Slow Food organization.
Their response to the Civet coffee, aroma and taste was very positive, recognizing the “Honey, floral” lingering taste which was first identified by John Gilchrist.

Without exception, all of those who had tried the Indonesia Kopi Luwak stated that the Doi Chaang wild Civet coffee was far superior in taste.

I second that. And I have never been a big fan of the caffeinated flash in the pan.

With so little Thai Civet coffee available it will be interesting to see what impact this product has on the “esoteric elements” within specialty coffee.

The upside, as I see it, is – Doi Chaang’s standard fare of traditional arabica coffees are interesting – and at under $20/pound for the conventional stuff…
Worth every penny.

For sheer thrill power, the 1/8 pound of Thai Civet Coffee that Doi Chaang sent me was enjoyed by 12 of my colleagues – who will not be forgetting their experience anytime soon.

And that’s priceless.