Spring into lethargy – with an anti-energy slow cow beverage

Quebec resident, Lino Fleury is hoping to chill out the Planet, one can at a time.

He has created what is dubbed the anti-energy drink.

On appearances, Slow Cow is packaged like the popular Red Bull energy drink, but it has the opposite effect.
Lino claims – “It’s a balm that soothes people and takes the edge off stress.”

I thought that was what beer was for?

Fleury and his team spent a year and a half dreaming up Slow Cow. The drink contains a slumber inducing pillow of natural ingredients; camomile, passion flower and valerian.

Personally, I think the World is ready for a line of Lethargy beverages as I call them. I mean, the World is moving way too fast.

Meantime. the makers of Red-Bull, the caffeine infused jet fuel marketed to college age kids, do not see the humor nor the efficacy of such a product and have filed notice through their legal team.

Maybe they need to chill out.