Spring into knee jerk reactions – 2009 – the swine flu chapter 4

The nature of the human - the knee jerk of swineThe funny thing about humans is that we are predictable.

Reliable as gravity.

Modern Air travel

A handful of Saudi’s take over some American aircraft with little more than box cutters of persuasion, and the World changes forever. Tightened airport security was certainly overdue on this continent.

Someone gets on a plane and tries to light their shoe on fire – and it is lights out for foot fancy free air travel.

Someone decides that you can cook up a wicked explosion with 2 small containers of dissimilar fluids. Bye bye in flight hydration.

I have determined that there are 15 ways of killing an obnoxious person with the air safety fold-out, flotation pillow, or In-flight magazine… but I am not talking.

And isn’t it enough that we have to strip down to our bare essentials to climb into a flying cigar – we are scanned and prodded and questioned and shuffled around like sheep. So, let’s get back down to Earth…

Life on the ground
Attach the word Swine to a largely harmless illness and it’s curtains for potential pork ribs and bacon.

Why couldn’t we have had Snake flu or Spider flu…
Actually, I step back. I do like spiders and snakes. They are largely harmless.

Better name… Spring Flu. No one gets hurt.
But that is not reality, is it?

Currently, schools are being closed. Vacations are being ruined. Few people are actually getting sick, but we are acting like the sky is falling. Farmers are being forced to slaughter perfectly good livestock because of our emotional weakness and fear.

We are chasing our coiled up little piggy tails… and for what?

In China, they are locking down Canadian tourists… not that this is a bad thing in principle – I mean, god knows what we could teach the Chinese politburo about common sense living…

Oh. Yea. Contradicted self.

Going mask free regardless of what happens… I am Colin Newell.

Additional reading – Health scares are like terrorist ones. Someone somewhere has an interest in it.