Spring into flu – and other media created illnesses

The headlines scream, “3rd case of swine flu reported in British Columbia!”
… “responsible for DOZENS of deaths in Mexico!” Dozens! Dozens!

Looked outside lately? Noticed that the sky is falling? No. Me neither.

It must be an awfully slow news week when the media gets utterly hung up on a couple of cases of the achy breaky sniffles.

People are canceling their trips. People are dumping their Air Canada stock. People are wearing masks to work.

Why? Because the radio said so.

Here is a statistical wake up call…

In 2002, 65,313 people died of flu related illnesses in the U.S.A.
Over 65,000! Aaaiiiiiiiieeeeeeee!

43,354 died in Auto accidents. Oh. My. God. No!

936,923 died of cardiovascular issues. Mary mother of God, what, what, what

Coke machines have killed more people in the last year than this current pandemic.
Message to media? Shut the f*ck up and get back to reality.