Spring into the truth – I mean, why not – America and Canada

A really good read

Keywords being Napolitano, McCain, 911 Myth – Border security – Terrorists from Canada.

Don't want to be an A*erican I*iot - cannot help itOkay. Listen up. I saw no point in writing my own spin on this… because James sums it up with aplomb.

Bottom line (for those too weak to click on the link above…)

911 terrorists did not cross the Canadian border into the US prior to the 911 attacks. They came from Britain, the United Arab Emirates and… Florida. Yea. Florida, where they were doing flight training. And they had been in America “legally” for some time.

One of the most obvious sub-thoughts about the American zeitgeist is the following (which I believe to be true…)

  • Americans spend about as much time thinking about Canada as they do wondering if their next breath contains life giving oxygen (which is to say, rarely)

Americans are not alone in their blithe ignorance of Canada. I had a telephone conversation with a colleague in Australia who was unsure about what currency stiffens up our wallets; American dollars, Euro, what?

Actually, mate… we live in Igloo and we don’t use money – we trade Hudson Bay pelts and get from A to B by canoe… generally in inhospitable weather…

and that has been the rumor for over a hundred years…
as for the right now from the Canadian perspective?

Get used to explaining to our Southern friends…
as if they will listen.