Spring into the Victoria night life – with the Shark Club

When you are 19 to 34 years of age, it is commonplace to put on some tacky threads and hit the night life – to head to the other side of the tracks – to see how the other half lives…

And when you turn 35… Well…
There comes a time when you stop going out on the town…

Which is utter nonsense.

Now unless you have popped out 2 or 3 kids and have been lost at sea for the prime of your life, there are many great reasons to grab the car keys or the cab fare and seek out the gritty side of the downtown.

Example: I am coming up on my 5th century on the Planet Earth…
Duh. I mean… my 5th decade. Yea. That is what I meant.

And I have one very important reason to go out on a date night from time to time:

A much younger wife.
Oh. And the lack of kids.

The Shark Club (many locations in Victoria, Vancouver and the interior…) is custom made for a tasty and thirst quenching couple of hours on the town.
But you have to love at least one of these four things:

  • Girls in short black dresses and revealing tops balancing trays of savory snacks and steins of local beer.
  • Crowds of girls on the town in party dresses.
  • Parched and beefy dudes in plaid shirts with a desire for cold beer and/or girls in party dresses.
  • Loud and colorful sporting events on the High-definition flat-screen TVs (of which there are about 28 in each bar).

It is a fun place, really. The wait staff are sweet, mature and ultra professional and courteous. I have never seen an order of apps (we ordered calamari, ginger spicey beef and BBQ Chicken wings) and 2 pints of ale come to a table faster – it could not have been more than 5 minutes from order to delivery. The food at the Shark club is a click ahead of places like Boston Pizza and Earl’s – and the eye candy for both genders is mind numbing.

Alas, I only have eyes for one – and she always comes home with me.

So get out there… into the night. Because, it won’t bite.