Spring coffee styles – Otto espresso changes the World

I think it is pretty normal to want to make your mark on the World. My theory is: There are 3 ways you can leave the Planet better than you found it… and therefore leave a lasting legacy…

  • Find a cure for a nasty infirmity, thereby giving life to someone who might think up some additional solutions to life’s little problems.
  • Invent a more efficient or a better way of getting groups of people from one place to another – you know, like a better train or plane engine… something that takes a drop of eco-fuel and transports us 100 miles. And by getting people together, we might fight less.
  • Give the World a new coffee maker. Something that would force us to take a moment away from our hamster cage – if only to chill out, enjoy a cup and think of something that might actually help humankind.

Another view of Otto - the new coffee makerAt 37 years of age, Sydney Australia resident Craig Hiron has spent the last 5 years working on his contribution to World peace – with a physical addition to the specialty coffee mosaic.

His baby is Otto – Otto is a revolutionary new re-interpretation of a classic coffee maker – The original Atomic was quickly slipping into the darkened recesses of quirky and obsessive antique collectors shelves worldwide.

Otto is named after the first born child of dear friends and mentors Anton and Nikki – who provided much of the inspiration and motivation for the task. Many of Craig’s friends have contributed in their own special way, monetary and otherwise. Craig’s primary source of fuel for this project has come from a creative fiduciary – a multi-threaded approach involving vaporizing credit cards, borrowing against the value of his home, and getting existing vendors buzzed on the future potential of his little coffee maker.

The way I see it, you really, really have to love coffee culture to go this distance. I spoke to Craig yesterday for a half hour. And the product of that conversation will begin a audio series that I am going to call The Coffee People – or something like that. Available on the Coffeecrew blog in the upcoming weeks and months.

We asked Craig about the journey… the whole process and adventure of creating something new and innovative… with all the stresses and strains and growing pains. And I paraphrase…

“It’s like climbing a mountain. There doesn’t seem to be much time spent enjoying the view. It is more about watching your footing on the way up. Little time for savoring the moment. That will come when Otto takes its first steps…”

Trust me Craig. The World will be watching… and welcoming.

Colin Newell lives and works in Victoria B.C. Canada. His writing on the subject of specialty coffee will be a mere historic footnote quickly forgotten. He will, on the other hand, be talking to the history makers.